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650 kr 400 kr

Cilla Ramnek is a genius when it comes to creating decorative patterns wich comes to great use in her work for hospitals, restaurants and universities in Sweden and abroad. Cilla piece for Wonderwall is a work that may not only grow on you but may also grow all over your walls. It’s a picture of fabric strips, opening and closing to create a shape. Within this shape, fields of bubbles link both to each other and to the outer, larger design.
Cilla Ramnek about her piece for Wonderwall:
I wanted to create a design that would work both as an individual piece and as wallpaper, if you add two or more pieces together. I worked the same way I do when I create bead mosaics, I didn’t sketch. Instead, I drew the original art right away. When you don’t plan, you have to really focus. It makes the job so much more exciting.

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Dimensions 70 x 100 cm

500 signed and numbered (limited edition). When it’s sold out it’s sold out for ever!


Cilla Ramnek


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