Totem Lilly

2100 kr

Totem Lilly

2100 kr

Gustaf Broms began shooting back in the 80s and assisted both Richard Avedon and Richard Prince before setting up his own business. He has also traveled extensively, all over the globe. He’s on a permanent quest to explore outer and inner worlds.

Gustaf started off working with photography and installation, but two works in particular led him to work with the more formless processes of performance. In 1993 he burned all of his work, and in doing so realized that the intensity of the action and the remaining ash far outdid anything he had previously made. In 2005, he completed a series of works entitled “5 Faiths for a Brave New World” in which he worked with objects that were physically too heavy for the body to move. These two experiences created a longing to explore the formless and led up to the project entitled “A Walking Piece” made with Trish Littler, in which the two artists spent 18 months walking across Eastern Europe. The result is considered a drawing.

Gustaf’s practice is engaged with the exploration of the nature of consciousness, the dualistic concept of “I”, as the biological reality of being in the BODY, and being MIND, as the perceived experience of the flow of phenomena.

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C-print Matte photo paper

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Gustaf Broms