The Swing

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The Swing

750 kr 300 kr

This still shows Paula Odevall’s sister on a swing, pushed by Odevall’s mother. Highly personal and universal at the same time, this image helps propel the viewer’s own memories of similar playground situations. The sounds of a creaky swing, a gush of air against your face as your sibling or friend swings in your direction. The security of having a parent around – giving you courage to explore the world.
This photo was included in the series “Memory of things”, a project Paula Odevall did for the Detour Moleskine exhibition in Berlin 2008.  Going through an archive of Super-8 films from her childhood, Paula Odevall explored what makes a memory.

With a B.A. in Art History from Lund University and a degree from ICP (International Center of Photography) Paula Odevall has focused on Fine Art Photography. Her work has been exhibited from Italy to Brazil, from the US to Sweden, from Colombia to Germany.

Story Collection by Wonderwall, a collaboration with Story Hotel/Signalfabriken.


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Dimensions 50 x 40 cm

330 signed and numbered (limited edition). When it’s sold out it’s sold out for ever!

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240g Scandia 2000 smooth natural


Paula Odevall

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