Smokey Mind

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Smokey Mind

850 kr

Jennie Ekström creates intricate black and white ink drawings, using a very meticulous and time-consuming hatching technique. Every detail is rendered with loving care, and the drawings grow intuitively, slowly covering the paper. There is realism, but there is even more magic happening. Jennie is a self-taught artist with no formal artistic training. Instead her fantasy world, with its’ own peculiar figures and symbolism, has been able to evolve on it’s own far away from the conceptual art scene. Sometimes being an outsider isn’t such a bad thing. Her work is found in private collections and in the collection of Jönköpings Länsmuseum. She has done several exhibitions and besides doing art and illustrational work, she is also working as a costumer at commercials and film. Amongst them, the American adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Jennie about her artwork:
“There are some characters that I always come back to, the smoking ladies are amongst them. I like to think of them as symbols of self confident, independent and individual women. The main inspiration being my very eccentric and constantly smoking grandmother.”

Sold out

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Dimensions 50 x 70 cm

236 Signed and numbered

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Munken Lynx Rough 170 g


Jennie Ekström


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