Madame Butterfly

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Madame Butterfly

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Kristian is an Anglo-Swedish illustrator who has frequently worked from London & New York during his career. Currently he is based with H&M doing textile graphics for Men’s Sports Apparel where utilises his interest in technical aspects of graphic design and fashion. His earlier career was more within fashion illustration and beauty with numerous magazine spreads for Nylon, Jalouse, Vogue Brazil, Arena and music clients such as Macy Gray, RZA, Lil Kim. His music illustration has been especially prevalent in the poster series for Gröna Lund, producing 25-30 posters every summer. Here his psychedelic illustration has picked up on the 1960s heritage of Gröna Lund and taken it a step further illustrating acts such as Iggy Pop, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and Wutang Clan amongst many others.

Kristian Russell about his piece for Wonderwall: “I made this piece as part of a fashion illustration sereis for French magazine Jalouse and was an exclusive collaboration between me & Franco-Japanes stylist Keiko Seya. I would love to produce more of these free fashion images perhaps even for an exhibition.”

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Dimensions 100 x 70 cm

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Kristian Russell

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