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1920 kr 700 kr

Tuija, born 1950, grew up in Helsinki. In 1975 she moved to Stockholm to study at The University college of Art, Crafts and Design before she was appointed professor of Photography at The University of Gothenburg. Tuija’s early works were often reflections of her private sphere with subtle references to our own time and age. In recent years, however, Lindström’s work has taken on a more political direction.

Tuija Lindström about her piece for Wonderwall:
”The girl in this picture is a cousin of my daughters. I photographed her in England back in 1981. Gemma’s bright eyes express a strong feeling of integrity and self-esteem, qualities worth a lot of respect and effort.

Sold out

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Dimensions 40 x 50 cm

128 signed and numbered (limited edition). When it’s sold out it’s sold out for ever!


Tuija Lindström

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