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Jennie E Pitt and Christopher Robin met eleven years ago while attending art school in Stockholm. Since, they’ve spent almost every day together. They started up their joint company Our Children’s Gorilla back in 2003, a business that designs things loved and cherished by kids and grownups alike. Their motto is simple: “The Children’s Imagination is Our Inspiration”.

Our Children’s Gorilla about their work for Wonderwall:
When we made this piece, we were inspired by Polynesian culture. In our home, we have tons of books on the Easter Island and Kon-Tiki and far too many Tiki cups and other Hawaii china. Robin kept busy cutting and pasting little details for a few days. Then, we put it all together with cars, pipes and other stuff. For example, we added a hat since Robin used to be a magician back in the day. This piece can keep changing depending on how you put the sheets together.

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Dimensions 50 x 70 cm

276 signed and numbered (limited edition). When it’s sold out it’s sold out for ever!

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Our Childrens Gorilla


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