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1420 kr 500 kr

Most Swedes are familiar with Stina’s work since she’s employed by DN, our leading national newspaper. But you may have seen her work even if you’re not a Swede, since she’s represented by an American agent. Stina is also the author of several books for children.

Stina Wirsén about her piece for Wonderwall:
”I’ve chosen a few simplified brush drawings for Wonderwall. In these pieces, I’ve boiled down the pictures to a very basic, graphic level. How many lines do you really need to express a feeling? I’ve always worked with many kinds of expressions, techniques and styles. This is one of them. ”

Sold out

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Dimensions 50 x 70 cm

222 signed and numbered (limited edition). When it’s sold out it’s sold out for ever!


Stina Wirsén

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