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The textile designer and artist Anne Nowak creates all her patterns and motives by hand before applying them to canvases like fabric, paper and porcelain. Anne’s atelier and showroom is right in Copenhagen’s new mecca of creativity in the abandoned Carlsberg brewery. It’s in these industrial surroundings and on her travels she creates her unique designs to the likes of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg Airport, Mayland calendars.

This print is Anne’s take on the biggest American icon of them all, the Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes. Just as iconic as the flag itself is with its full-blown symbolic representation of The Land of The Great just as iconic and questioning is a worn Stars and Stripes. In many ways a worn Stars and Stripes can be perceived as more beautiful as it can make you think of new America that has fallen to a renewed greatness as a sympathetic and diplomatic country. A country that still has all the beautiful cultural perfections and imperfections that you see in New York like no other place on earth.

Sold out

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Dimensions 35 x 25 cm

Signed, not numbered

Print technique

The print is made on a Risograph. The color is soyabased.


Munken print pure 115 gr


Anne Nowak

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