Bent Owl

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Bent Owl

850 kr 400 kr

Anne-Sofie Holm created a hand drawn print especially for Wonderwall, called Sweetheart. It became an instant success and a Classic art print in collaboration with Wonderwall. The bad news is that Sweetheart is sold out. The good news is that Anne-Sofie is now introducing three new owl prints in the category Handpicked.

Anne-Sofie Holm about her new prints:
My designs are often expressed through animals but a great deal of their personalities is inspired by people I know and love. When I draw, I switch between free hand and stencils I create myself. I often work in the organic, ‘circular’ universe. For the eyes of the owl I needed something round for them to be placed in.
On my desk I have a fairly large collection of the famous Lyngby vase and I have always loved the round, lace-like edge, so that became the outcome for the outer eye.
When I had finished the head and the body of the owl I needed a finishing touch. As I am quite tall myself and can’t wear high heels I took a look at my own shoe collection and that’s how they ended up wearing ballerina shoes.
On the owl the heart is used as a mouth and for my hedgehog I have used the heart to create the head. My passion is to design patterns and preferably mixing lots of different ones. Tate is the reflective owl with Yin Yang eyes and a lot of the owls have small, discrete peace signs mixed into their plumage.
I am fascinated by the decorative universe, which for me can be a lot of things. I never work on a computer when I make patterns, draw or color. Once a year I produce art prints, which is a long process. High standards and skill-full business partners are a must to get a unique piece of art into a digital print

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Dimensions 50 x 70 cm

700 signed and numbered

Print technique

Offset and contains different specials colours such as silver and different rose scale colour. The ink used for printing your art print, is the same type of ink which is used in Asthma & Allergy productions.


200 gms Artic volume IVORY coated paper (please note, not same paper as Ellie Couture Owl & Tate Owl). The paper used for printing your art print has been approved by both Svanemaerket (enviroment) and FSC (forest sustainability certified).


Anne-Sofie Holm

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