Apartment Building

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Apartment Building

1420 kr 750 kr

Dregen has never spent a day in art school. On the other hand, he’s made his mark with quite a lot of graffiti over the years. Many of Dregen’s old graffiti buddies have moved on to become artists and tattoo artists, while he himself has made a living as a rock star, musician and song writer with bands like Backyard Babies and Hellacopters.

Dregen about his piece for Wonderwall: “Not too long ago, the apartment building where I live got new plumbing installed and because of this, all the doors to the apartments were left open.  It was amazing to see all the different styles, colours and types of furnishing. You live so close to each other in the city, but you have no idea what it looks like 40 cm behind your kitchen wall or your bedroom floor. That was the main idea.
I found an old box from the 40’s. I let that be the house itself. The ”rooms” are interpretations of parts of my life, both good and bad. Fun and sad. Like in an apartment building where Mr Smith on level 2 is filling out his tax forms while Miss Baker on the 11th floor is thinking about jumping off the building.”

Sold out

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Dimensions 70 x 100 cm

301 signed and numbered (limited edition). When it’s sold out it’s sold out for ever!



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