Angel in Paris

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Angel in Paris

1600 kr4700 kr

Carlos Norlén is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Stockholm. He has been traveling extensively all over the world on different editorial and commercial assignments since the late 90s.

The Angel in Paris is a very special picture for him. He explains: ”I was in Paris in the late 90s photographing clublife for a Swedish magazine. On my way home one of the dancers was in a rush and started to walk ahead of me. I saw the potential of a great picture, but I had only one frame left on my film roll. I only had one chance, so I waited for the right moment by the street lamp and voilà! I never showed this picture to the client, so it has been in my private archives all these years. The Angel In Paris embodies all the magic of this wonderful and eternal city that I love so much.”

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300 with signed and numbered proof of authenticity certificate


50 x 70 cm, 70 x 100 cm, 110 x 157 cm


C-print photopaper

Can I return this poster?

No, this is a artwork from the YOUR WAY-collection. It means that it’s a print-on-demand, therefore there i a NO return policy.


Carlos Norlén