How long will it take before i get my piece?

We normally ship four times a week, the delivery time depends on where you live. Expect about one to two weeks delivery unless otherwise specified. Often your order will arrive faster.

Are the artworks available in a variety of sizes?

The works in the category “Your Way” is available in various sizes.

How is the piece packaged?

All our pieces are delivered safely in a sturdy cardboard tube.

What happens if I’m not happy with my purchase?

We offer a two weeks full return on pieces from CLASSIC and HANDPICKED if the piece is still in mint condition. However this does not apply to YOUR WAY which is print-on-demand.

How do I proceed if I want to return a poster?

First, send us an email (this only applies within the category Classic & Handpicked). Customer pays all shipping charges, Wonderwall will only refund the price of the posters. Carefully place the poster in the tube.

Ship it to:

Wonderwall AB, Box 4111, 102 62 Stockholm, Sweden.

What does “signed and in limited edition” mean?

This means that the work is signed by the artist, and printed only in a limited number of copies. When the edition is sold it won’t be available for purchase again.

If a piece is “sold out” what does it mean?

If it says that a piece is sold out it means that the total limited edition is sold out and that it won’t be available for purchase again.